We must preserve tolerance and peace in debate over Israel-Gaza conflict


The 7th of November marked one month since an attack on Israel reignited bloody conflict in Gaza. This ongoing and devastating situation has continued to fuel intense emotions overseas and in New Zealand.

The cause is complex, and so is knowing the appropriate response.
We do not pretend to have the perfect answer.

But no matter which side we are on, if we strike at the basic democratic principles in our outrage, we will all be poorer.

One side can’t have the right to have their say without the other receiving the same. The opportunity to listen and provide counter-speech must exist, otherwise this wouldn’t be a democracy.

Would you sign this public letter, regardless of which side you come from on this issue, working with us to preserve open debate and civil discourse?



Together, we sign this letter whilst disagreeing on many things.

We disagree about a way forward in the Middle East, and we disagree about much to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict.

We all agree, however, on the basic principles of democracy and are united against violence.

We are appalled that a Member of Parliament required Police protection to leave a protest in Auckland Domain because he expressed an unpopular opinion. We condemn intimidation, violence, and intolerance. 

We are saddened by the unprecedented levels of both antisemitic and Islamophobic actions occurring around New Zealand associated with events overseas. Our common desire is that New Zealand would be a peaceful and free nation, where all people can speak freely and share their story.

We encourage all New Zealanders to use their voices to call out intolerance and hate, and to speak up for peace.

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Will you sign?

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  • Stephen Woolley
    signed 2023-11-11 08:17:22 +1300
  • Tony Hickey
    signed 2023-11-11 08:17:05 +1300
  • Deborah Loew-Black
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:57 +1300
    War has never resulted in real peace anywhere on earth…..Only real & sincere peace negotiations that really respect the needs of those directly, physically involved in a conflict ( not anything to fo with external groups interested in the outcome for their own benefit) can achieve the foundation for people of different cultures, understanding &«  living on earth «  together «  in peace!

    People like Marione Ingram & the survivors/refugees of all wars, plus many many war veterans young & old alive today will agree war is never the solution to solve conflict! But peace & understanding
  • kari lloyd
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:53 +1300
    I am deeply concerned at the Israeli genocide in Gaza and I condemn the Hamas atrocity on 7 Oct. I am also deeply concerned that the Green Party is not calling for peace, but appears to be calling for war by chanting a Hamas slogan. And then to stand by while a MP is hounded out of a rally because he dared to condemn violence on both sides, tells me the Green Party have no respect for free speech and democracy.
  • Alison Pavlovich
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:50 +1300
  • Amanda Ironside
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:44 +1300
  • Martin Lyons
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:43 +1300
  • Peter Honeyfield
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:36 +1300
  • Jumbo Trudgeon
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:13 +1300
  • James Beed
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:11 +1300
  • Wally Richards
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:05 +1300
  • Pips Laird
    signed 2023-11-11 08:16:04 +1300
    Both are equally to blame at this stage, however Hamas stoked the fire
  • william byfleet
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:48 +1300
  • Sheryl Swanevelder
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:36 +1300
  • Steve Schapel
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:35 +1300
  • Necia France
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:34 +1300
  • Robin Dunmall
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:30 +1300
    We have to push for a two state solution to end these years of aggression
  • Lloyd Vivian
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:07 +1300
  • Ewen Gardner
    signed 2023-11-11 08:15:05 +1300
  • Peter Sigley
    signed 2023-11-11 08:14:56 +1300
  • Roger Thompson
    signed 2023-11-11 08:14:46 +1300
  • Sylvia Barnes
    signed 2023-11-11 08:14:45 +1300
  • Bruce Vincent
    signed 2023-11-11 08:14:20 +1300
    Most of these protestors would be appalled by Hamas, but be welcomed in Israel by Jews. Older you are the wiser you get.
  • David Annabell
    signed 2023-11-11 08:14:11 +1300
  • Craig Goodley
    signed 2023-11-11 08:13:52 +1300
  • Wayne Duncan
    signed 2023-11-11 08:13:33 +1300
  • Kylie Wilson
    signed 2023-11-11 08:13:32 +1300
    Humans become disgusting when they start killing each other. No reason would ever be enough. JUST STOP!!
  • Claire Nickalls
    signed 2023-11-11 08:13:28 +1300
  • Phebe Darkin
    signed 2023-11-11 08:13:09 +1300
  • Barbara Wilson
    signed 2023-11-11 08:12:57 +1300