We must preserve tolerance and peace in debate over Israel-Gaza conflict


The 7th of November marked one month since an attack on Israel reignited bloody conflict in Gaza. This ongoing and devastating situation has continued to fuel intense emotions overseas and in New Zealand.

The cause is complex, and so is knowing the appropriate response.
We do not pretend to have the perfect answer.

But no matter which side we are on, if we strike at the basic democratic principles in our outrage, we will all be poorer.

One side can’t have the right to have their say without the other receiving the same. The opportunity to listen and provide counter-speech must exist, otherwise this wouldn’t be a democracy.

Would you sign this public letter, regardless of which side you come from on this issue, working with us to preserve open debate and civil discourse?



Together, we sign this letter whilst disagreeing on many things.

We disagree about a way forward in the Middle East, and we disagree about much to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict.

We all agree, however, on the basic principles of democracy and are united against violence.

We are appalled that a Member of Parliament required Police protection to leave a protest in Auckland Domain because he expressed an unpopular opinion. We condemn intimidation, violence, and intolerance. 

We are saddened by the unprecedented levels of both antisemitic and Islamophobic actions occurring around New Zealand associated with events overseas. Our common desire is that New Zealand would be a peaceful and free nation, where all people can speak freely and share their story.

We encourage all New Zealanders to use their voices to call out intolerance and hate, and to speak up for peace.

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Will you sign?

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  • Tim O’Neill
    signed 2024-05-20 19:57:13 +1200
  • May Rez
    signed 2024-05-20 19:13:01 +1200
  • Helen Johnstone
    signed 2024-05-17 15:21:01 +1200
  • Hans Chase
    signed 2024-05-17 10:04:46 +1200
  • Irene van Egten - van der Kroft
    signed 2024-05-14 18:18:23 +1200
  • Irene van Egten - van der Kroft
    signed 2024-05-14 18:18:23 +1200
  • Sarfraz Ahmed
    signed 2024-05-05 19:01:29 +1200
  • Mark Leslie
    signed 2024-05-05 18:42:32 +1200
  • Belinda Goldfinch
    signed 2024-04-22 11:14:01 +1200
  • Nicola Moore
    signed 2024-04-17 08:37:45 +1200
  • Toni Laurie
    signed 2024-04-12 00:30:41 +1200
  • Reg KIdd
    signed 2024-03-31 13:59:16 +1300
  • Chimene Del La Varis
    signed 2024-03-29 20:35:49 +1300
  • Marg Burt
    signed 2024-03-28 14:28:09 +1300
  • Caroline Houghton-Brown
    signed 2024-03-25 18:47:02 +1300
  • Emma Fale
    signed 2024-03-24 22:45:23 +1300
    This is a very complex war and we often don’t understand it culturally or from a religious viewpoint. We must consider the perspectives of both sides and allow others to have a voice for both sides. It is not our war.
  • Chris Howden
    signed 2024-03-21 19:21:33 +1300
  • Peter Scott
    signed 2024-03-20 09:03:14 +1300
    The terrorists who planned and committed the atrocities on the 7 October need to be brought to justice.

    The UN and main stream media need to stop supporting terrorist like Hamas.
  • Deborah Botica
    signed 2024-03-18 11:14:45 +1300
  • Glenn Jackson
    signed 2024-03-13 14:48:57 +1300
    There is a lot of misinformation out there and this needs to be challenged. The events of the October attack by Hamas have been described as some of the most appalling acts of hate and violence ever seen. Israel is at war and there can be no half measures. You don’t stop halfway through a war you are winning to give your enemy a chance to regroup. Imagine if the allies had done this in the second world war and allowed Nazi Germany to regroup. The simple fact now is if Hamas releases the hostages then there will be a ceasefire and humanitarian aid can be delivered. The ball is in Hamas court.
  • tania phoenix
    signed 2024-03-12 21:15:18 +1300
    I am concerned at the rise in Anti Semitism
  • Kay Huggins
    signed 2024-03-12 20:12:57 +1300
  • Kyle Smith
    signed 2024-03-12 17:20:14 +1300
  • Andrew Robinson
    signed 2024-03-11 11:29:19 +1300
  • Sarah Meyer
    signed 2024-03-10 18:03:08 +1300
  • Mogens Petersen
    signed 2024-03-09 08:23:51 +1300
  • Simon Wood
    signed 2024-03-06 16:43:36 +1300
    Tragedy piles upon tragedy in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc…all the while the 1% power elite share portfolio’s are booming from their Military Industrial Complex stocks going through the roof…the 1% pyscho’s are laughing all the way to the bank.
  • Susan Holt
    signed 2024-03-06 11:35:27 +1300
  • Kenny Pee
    signed 2024-03-06 11:02:02 +1300
  • Jane Roper
    signed 2024-03-06 07:05:44 +1300