Stop Christchurch Call from Silencing Kiwis

The Christchurch Call has become a threat to free speech. The censorial mission creep must stop.

We abhor the violent terrorist attack on the Christchurch mosques that took place on 15 March 2019. Steps taken in response to this tragedy by the Christchurch Call to eliminate terrorist and extremist content do not necessarily threaten civil liberties.

However, as retired judge Dr. David Harvey has noted, there is a significant “mission creep” in the work of the Christchurch Call.

Recent documents released under the OIA show that the Christchurch Call is now working to prevent “gender-based extremism” (including anti-LGBTQIA+) by targeting 'gender-based hatred'. This could mean that the Christchurch Call seeks to oppose and suppress the ideological views of some people, such as those who are gender-critical and reject that individuals can change their sex.

But that’s not all. The documents also show that the Call’s core mission of preventing violent extremism has been conflated with preventing dissent from ideologies that promote ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ and promote restrictions on so-called 'hate speech'.

The Call's work to prevent terrorist/violent content, and their new aims to suppress dissent from the prevailing orthodoxies are inconsistent with New Zealanders rights to freedom of speech online.

The Free Speech Union seeks to promote a culture of free speech, intellectual inquiry and tolerance for differing opinions.

The more we learn about the Christchurch Call, the more it seems like it is doing the opposite.

The Prime Minister needs to get the Call back to its core business, or get rid of the call. 

I call on the Prime Minister to stop funding and favouring the people who’ve been abusing our sympathy and anxiety about terrorism for power to suppress free speech.

I call on him not to be their dupe.

I call on him to put people in charge who’ll focus on violent extremism, not unfashionable views.

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  • Richard Motet
    signed 2024-02-27 09:52:11 +1300
    NZ Police are 100% accountable for this terrorist atrocity. The Police failed to follow their own fundamental procedures in granting Tarrant a fireman license. Tarrant was enabled through Police incompetency to purchase the arms and ammunition used to kill and maim the innocents at the Christchurch mosques. Shame on the Police ! Shame on the Government who never held the Police to account!
  • Reg and Barbara Adams
    signed 2024-02-26 22:12:48 +1300
    Gay is not normal.There is only one Race in the World.The Human Race.There are only two species,Male and female.Two males cannot produce an offspring. Two women cannot produce an offspring.Anything outside of that is Hybrid.Marriage has always been between a man and a woman,Period.
  • Raniera Wairau
    signed 2024-02-26 16:41:51 +1300
  • Paula Hastie
    signed 2024-02-26 07:40:21 +1300
  • Jenna Shore
    signed 2024-02-26 07:33:50 +1300
  • Anna Marwick
    signed 2024-02-25 15:06:09 +1300
  • Carol Wilson
    signed 2024-02-25 11:03:20 +1300
  • Janine Waites
    signed 2024-02-25 10:02:33 +1300
  • Susan Reid
    signed 2024-02-25 09:49:17 +1300
  • Richard Doehring
    signed 2024-02-25 07:54:19 +1300
  • Joe Williams
    signed 2024-02-25 07:48:10 +1300
    STOP interfering with our right to be FREE , bureaucrats and politicians are our servants and they should damn well remember that !!
  • Adrian de Waal
    signed 2024-02-24 12:54:19 +1300
  • Wim Vos
    signed 2024-02-23 14:19:00 +1300
  • Elizabeth Clarke
    signed 2024-02-22 23:20:28 +1300
  • karen gardner
    signed 2024-02-22 23:04:01 +1300
  • Janice Robertson
    signed 2024-02-22 23:02:47 +1300
  • Daniel Langford
    signed 2024-02-21 19:52:35 +1300
  • Billie Corkin
    signed 2024-02-21 16:42:01 +1300
  • Mimi Robbins
    signed 2024-02-21 09:26:37 +1300
  • Craig Ralton
    signed 2024-02-20 16:47:02 +1300
  • James Dowsett
    signed 2024-02-20 15:19:54 +1300
  • Chris Stewart
    signed 2024-02-20 14:46:20 +1300
  • Tina Morgan
    signed 2024-02-19 21:56:30 +1300
  • Russell Foley
    signed 2024-02-19 21:41:28 +1300
  • Roger Bay
    signed 2024-02-19 18:48:17 +1300
  • heidi wekenborg
    signed 2024-02-19 17:23:42 +1300
  • William Arnold
    signed 2024-02-19 17:23:04 +1300
  • Daniel Eisenhut
    signed 2024-02-19 15:54:12 +1300
  • Brian Dunick
    signed 2024-02-19 15:15:03 +1300
  • Stephen Dobson
    signed 2024-02-19 13:29:53 +1300

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