Feedback on COVID19 Royal Commission Terms of Reference

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  • William Thompson
    commented 2024-03-20 13:51:59 +1300
    In my opinion there was a total over reaction to covid 19 which suited a Govt. that believed in control. In this case the Ardern Govt. controlled society and in so doing contributed to many businesses being very disadvantaged financially, some forced into liquidation. BUT in a way and more importantly, it wrecked or partially wrecked the lives of many school children who missed so much schooling, and it may be some years before it is known just how serious that has been to their futures. I also have to say that the Ardern Govt. “milked” the Govt’s close down of the country to the 2020 election, and in so doing conned the gulible voting public, into believing they had been saved from almost certain death by a Govt. that cared. Of course they did not care or give a toss. They had a means of gaining re-election, and they used it unashamedly.
    We have to learn from history—but history shows that we have never done so. At least we have to try and create a road map for future use if such a challenge occurs again.
  • Adam Young
    published this page in Submissions & Reports 2024-02-19 14:12:11 +1300

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