Allow Posie Parker entry into New Zealand

Activists are again petitioning the Minister of Immigration, Andrew Little, to deny Posie Parker entry into New Zealand.

Did they not learn last time? Censorship does not work. We need to be the counterweight. 

If anything, activists created a larger platform for Posie Parker’s name to be known. We stood for her right to speak (and your right to listen) last time, and we will stand for them again. Sign our public letter to Andrew Little and Andrew Coster, urging them not to be bullied into a breach of Kiwis' basic freedoms.   


To Minister Little and the Commissioner of Police, 

Minister Little- you will be aware that activists are running a petition calling on you to use your power to stop Kelly-Jay Keen Minshull from entering New Zealand again.

Stopping an individual from entering the country because some activists don’t like her ideas is the definition of political discrimination. Shouting down an opinion, and threatening those who hold it, is the antithesis to the tolerant, diverse society we aspire to. We cannot let the howl of the mob dictate who gets to exercise their lawful speech rights in New Zealand.

Likewise, Commissioner Coster, we demand that you allow her undisrupted entry into the country, and ensure the Police uphold the law and rights to speak and hear without intimidation or violence.  

The activists’ petition is a blatant, authoritarian attempt to stop a woman from speaking out. Not only that, but it also stops those who want to hear her ideas from listening. New Zealanders' belief in free speech means we don’t shut people out because of their beliefs.  

We urge you to respect freedom of speech and allow Kelly-Jay Keen Minshull undisrupted entry into New Zealand. 


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“I call on Minister Little to respect free speech and allow Kelly-Jay Keen Minshull undisrupted entry into New Zealand, and the Police Commissioner to ensure police do their jobs and maintain law and order.” 

Will you sign?