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Our academic membership is open to all New Zealand academics who are citizens and permanent residents who share our concern about the threats to freedom of speech in the New Zealand tertiary education sector.

Annual membership costs $200, with any additional amounts treated as a donation. If you would prefer to donate rather than join as a member, click here. If you're not an academic but would like to join the Free Speech Union, click here. 

By seeking membership, you signify your agreement with the Statement of Values and undertake to support, adhere and uphold them for as long as you are a member.

Note: You are welcome to be a member of the Free Speech Union as well as a member of another trade union.

Members have the rights and responsibilities set out in our Union Rules, but no person becomes liable by membership alone for any liabilities of the Society.


Payments can be made by credit card on this page, or directly credited to our bank account.

Free Speech Union (NZ) Incorporated


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* Please use your mobile phone number or email address as reference along with 'ac member'. 



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