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  • Personal grievance filed against IRD for suppressing employee’s speech


    08 April 2024

    Personal grievance filed against IRD for suppressing employee’s speech

    The Free Speech Union has supported a member in filing a personal grievance against IRD with the Employment Relations Authority after an employee was threatened with disciplinary action for sharing particular opinions in a social media chat, says Jonathan Ayling, Chief Executive of the Free Speech Union.  

    “IRD employee Christine Massof was recently threatened with a formal disciplinary process by her employers after making a comment on an internal work forum set up specifically for women. 

    “After IRD installed feminine hygiene products in all of its bathrooms, Massof posted a comment on the forum: ‘This is awesome but a shame it took so long coming. And interesting, that now that men can menstruate, free period products are available in all bathrooms.’

    “IRD accused Massof of not being inclusive and told her if there was any risk that her words could be offensive that she should ‘refrain from sharing opinions altogether’ and ‘remain silent’.

    “That’s pretty ironic in the name of ‘inclusivity’. It is unacceptable for an employer to tell employees not to share their opinions in a forum designed specifically to support women. 

    “The personal grievance has been filed on the basis of unjustified disadvantage and discrimination after being labeled ‘anti trans’ and being told she was acting in a way contrary to IRD’s ‘inclusive’ policies. 

    “We expect compensation for Massof and recommendations from the Employment Relations Authority on how IRD and other employers can avoid this situation in the future. 

    “IRD should not discriminate on employee’s views differing to their own.”



  • IRD must respect employees rights to voice disagreement and dissent

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