FSU Event

  • Invercargill "Town Hall" Meeting

    The purpose of a Free Speech Union (FSU) Town Hall is simple:

    1. To share on the principles of free speech.

    2. Raise awareness about the state of free speech in our nation.

    3. To hear stories, questions, and concerns from everyday Kiwis.

    "Why not send an email?" or "Just use social media" are thoughts one might have. Through “town halls,” we have the opportunity to engage with Kiwi communities and our supporters face-to-face and get a real feeling for how their lives are affected by the state of individual liberties in this country.

    Free speech is the foundation of a thriving society, and as the largest organisation fighting for civil liberties, we believe hearing directly from communities can only help us represent people more accurately. We want to come hear your questions, concerns, and stories, so come join us for an evening where you can be heard.

    *Doors open at 6pm, talk starts at 6:30pm. 

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